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A beautiful ivory full-length Christening gown made from pure silk + an intricate floral European lace overlay finished with touches of tiny pearls for a little extra special detailing.


This beautiful 'Wise' gown consists of three layers of fabric.

Layer 1 - Overylay: Bridal Lace

Layer 2 - Midlayer: 100% Pure Silk

Layer 3 - Underlay: 100% Polyester

The Wise Set Includes:

• Full Length Gown

• Matching Bonnet

• Matching Booties

• Matching Headband

Size Guide - Available Here


This is a dedication to Nadia.

Nadia is one of the strongest women I know.

She’ll bear all the pain in the world yet still smile at the next stranger that walks by + fights for the greater good.

Nadia is a dedicated mother who has always prioritised her children + will do anything in her power to make sure everyone in her family is well taken care of.

She is the cousin/mother/daughter/friend who is there for the laughter + tears.

Wise Christening Gown Set

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