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A highly detailed ivory ankle-length Christening gown made featuring bead work includes reflective sequins + heavily coated glass seed beads. The scalloped detailing featured around the sleeves and bottom of the gown are a beautiful little touch to emphasise the fabric + beadwork.


This beautiful 'Zuriel' ankle-length Christening gown consists of three layers of fabric.

Layer 1 - Overylay: Bridal Lace

Layer 2 - Midlayer: 100% Pure Silk

Layer 3 - Underlay: 100% Pure Cotton


The Zuriel Set Includes:

• Ankle-length Gown

• Matching Bonnet

• Matching Booties


[ZURIEL - God is my rock.]



Zuriel Christening Dress Set

    Measure under the armpits and around the chest. Put two fingers inside the tape in order to allow for movement.


    Measure from the neckline down to the middle of the crotch with nappy/diaper on. Add 2.5cm/1" to allow for movement.


    Size 00 (0-3 Months)
    - Chest Measurements - 48cm/18.9"
    - Crotch Measurements - 40cm/15.8"
    - Booties Size - Small


    Size 0 (3-6 Months)
    - Chest Measurements - 52cm/20.5"
    - Crotch Measurements - 42cm/16.5"
    - Booties Size - Medium


    Size 01 (6-12 Months)
    Chest Measurements - 58cm/22.8"
    - Crotch Measurements - 44cm/17.3"
    - Booties Size - Large

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