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A classic vintage style ivory ankle-length Christening gown made from pure silk + delicate European lace overlay. This gown features touches of reflective sequins throughout + is finished beautifully at the waist with Swarovski crystal detailing.


This beautiful 'Heart' gown consists of four layers of fabric.

Layer 1 - Overylay: Bridal Lace

Layer 2 - Midlayer: 100% Pure Silk

Layer 3 - Gown Structure: Tulle

Layer 4 - Underlay: 100% Cotton



The Heart Set Includes:

• Ankle Length Gown

• Matching Bonnet

• Matching Booties

• Matching Headband



This is a dedication to Dano.

Dano radiates beauty from the inside out.She is the one you have adored since you were little + saw every ounce of beauty that came from within her from a younge age.

Dano has a beautiful family of her own now + even when so much time passes it feels as though a single minute hasn't gone by as soon as you see her again. The only thing that is different now is that the little kids running around the house are of her own.

She has continued to shine her light on the world + you quickly come to realise that no matter how much time passes the beauty she holds will always continue to radiate.

Heart Christening Dress Set

Out of Stock
    Measure under the armpits and around the chest. Put two fingers inside the tape in order to allow for movement.


    Measure from the neckline down to the middle of the crotch with nappy/diaper on. Add 2.5cm/1" to allow for movement.


    Size 00 (0-3 Months)
    - Chest Measurements - 48cm/18.9"
    - Crotch Measurements - 40cm/15.8"
    - Booties Size - Small


    Size 0 (3-6 Months)
    - Chest Measurements - 52cm/20.5"
    - Crotch Measurements - 42cm/16.5"
    - Booties Size - Medium


    Size 01 (6-12 Months)
    Chest Measurements - 58cm/22.8"
    - Crotch Measurements - 44cm/17.3"
    - Booties Size - Large

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