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A magnificent ivory full-length Christening gown made from European Corded lace outlining the beautiful detailing of the fabric with a heaver lustrous cording giving it a 3D effect finished with a scalloped waistline + lace cuffed sleeves.


This beautiful 'Grace' gown consists of three layers of fabric.

Layer 1 - Overylay: Bridal Lace

Layer 2 - Midlayer: 100% Pure Silk

Layer 3 - Underlay: 100% Polyester

The Grace Set Includes:

• Full Length Gown

• Matching Bonnet

• Matching Booties

• Matching Headband

Size Guide - Available Here​​​​​​


This is a dedication to Evelyn.

Evelyn’s dedication to her family + doing good is beautiful to watch.

Her family adore her as she does them + with everything in life she turns to god.

Evelyn is exactly as a woman should be. Strong in faith, committed to her family + home, pure in heart.

She is the one that will remind you that you’re doing good + to keep your faith strong.

Grace Christening Gown Set

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