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A beautiful ivory ankle-length Christening gown made from pure silk + mesh embroidery European lace overlay. This gown features touches of glass seed beads + individually added pieces of lace for extra love on a timeless gown.


This beautiful 'Forever' gown consists of four layers of fabric.

Layer 1 - Overylay: Bridal Lace

Layer 2 - Midlayer: 100% Pure Silk

Layer 3 - Gown Structure: Tulle

Layer 4 - Underlay: 100% Cotton


The Forever Set Includes:

• Ankle Length Gown

• Matching Bonnet

• Matching Booties

• Matching Headband



This is a dedication to Cathy.

Cathy is the one you always end up having a good laugh with when you randomly end up at one of Sydney's restaurant mid-week.

She can easily come across as a toughie but really she’s like a Caramello Koala. Tough outside, soft inside + sweet the whole way through.

Cathy is due to be a mama this year + with a partner like Frank these two are bound to continually solidify the foundation for their soon to be new Bub.

She is the one that'll make the most random, out of hand calls + you’ll be trying your best not to laugh but chances are you won't be able to help yourself.

Forever Christening Dress Set

Out of Stock
    Measure under the armpits and around the chest. Put two fingers inside the tape in order to allow for movement.


    Measure from the neckline down to the middle of the crotch with nappy/diaper on. Add 2.5cm/1" to allow for movement.


    Size 00 (0-3 Months)
    - Chest Measurements - 48cm/18.9"
    - Crotch Measurements - 40cm/15.8"
    - Booties Size - Small


    Size 0 (3-6 Months)
    - Chest Measurements - 52cm/20.5"
    - Crotch Measurements - 42cm/16.5"
    - Booties Size - Medium


    Size 01 (6-12 Months)
    Chest Measurements - 58cm/22.8"
    - Crotch Measurements - 44cm/17.3"
    - Booties Size - Large

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